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Business Profile
Optimum Safety Consultancy is a proactive and conscientious deliverer of excellence in service. The primary objective of Optimum Safety Consultancy is to resolve all ill addressed Occupational Health and Safety concerns in your organization. We achieve this by addressing both management and employee concerns into our practical hands on approach to customer service.

Optimum Safety Consultancy will help you by guiding you through the practical application of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993, and the Construction Regulations, 2014.

We as a Company recognise our first responsibility to our Clients and strive to achieve for them safety standards appropriate to their risk. Over the length of the project, We achieve success by:
  • Developing a long term business relationship with clients and other professional accociates by;
  • Contributing to the success of their projects and operations,
  • Committing to quality and service exellence,
  • Being prepared to meet fully our commitments and
  • Our insistance on open and honest dealings ensure a productive work climate is achieved
  • To this end, and in fact for all purposes in all aspects of the conduct of our business, we insist on compliance with all relevant laws and standards and
  • Believe that long-term prosperity is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity and we espouse ethical values in our business
Optimum Safety Consultancy will assist your organization in achieving the maximum safety standards through the following services:

Assistance in:
  • We can assist with Covid-19 Exposure Management Program in accordance with ISO 45001:2018
  • Practical application of the Act and Construction Regulations
  • Letters of Appointment
  • Safety File
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Audits
  • In-House Safety Training
Optimum Safety Consultancy will assist with the implementation of recommendations stemming from the above services.
Member of IoSM | Member of SRM (SA) | Member of SASQ | RosProf |PrCHSA
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